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Red Cedar Sachets

Cedar has long been a favored material for closets and blanket chests—and not just because it smells amazing. Cedar is also a natural pest repellent, particularly effective against moths, who have never met a natural-fiber garment they didn’t want to eat holes in. Most of us don’t have bulky cedar chests anymore, but we can enjoy a bit of that aroma and protection in more subtle ways. Each of these thin cloth packets is filled with fresh, untreated chips of Juniperus Virginiana—better known as Eastern Red Cedar. As cedar does contain natural oils and as these are packed fresh for maximum fragrance, some oil may still be present, so don’t place the sachet directly on your clothes. (Small natural aromatic crystals can form but can simply be wiped off with a cloth.) Comes in a set of 5 sachets measuring approximately 4” x 2” x 2”. 


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  • Red Cedar Sachets


    Red Cedar Sachets

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