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Rocco Sand Mixer

What at first appears to be an adorable dump truck with a removable shovel, perfect for the sandbox or the beach, is actually a toy with several ingenious elements. The hard rubber wheels roll smoothly and quietly across hard floors—a joy for any adult in the room. The truck can also be disassembled easily for cleaning after a day in the dirt. And the removable plastic scoop can be oriented at the back, facing forward, or fully removed. With a base made of solid beechwood, this is one heavy-duty construction vehicle. The Rocco Sand Mixer is similarly sturdy, with a beechwood base, quiet rubber wheels, and easy-to-clean removable parts. It also features a mixing drum with a secret: not only are these tri-color rings removable, but they act as stacking rings and can be used as sand molds. These imaginative features guarantee that your child’s day at the beach will be, well, a day at the beach. Rocco measures 9" and the Bronco is 11"; both are for ages 1 and up.

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  • Rocco Sand Mixer


    Rocco Sand Mixer

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