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Unbending Stainless-Steel Double Sided Cultivator

Our newest Garrett Wade cultivator combines two of our favorite and most popular cultivating tools into one great virtually unbreakable design to give you the perfect alternative to lugging multiple tools from your shed or barn out to your garden. The stainless-steel Double-Sided Cultivator features a sharp 3” wide hoe on one side and a 3 ½” three-prong cultivator on the other, making it easy to switch from one tool to the other as needed. The recessed gripping ridges on the handle create a solid no-slip grip and the 15” length gives you plenty of reach to dig, cut, and move material as you work. Its stainless-steel construction and welded head make it easy to clean, weather-proof, and virtually indestructible. Save time, save your back, and have the right tool at hand this year.


Individual Items

  • Rust Proof Double Sided Cultivator Tool


    Unbending Stainless-Steel Double Sided Cultivator

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