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Self Centering Plug Cutter

Attach it to Your Cordless Drill

This unique set of three Self-Centering Plug Cutters is specifically designed for use with a cordless drill. With a patented design that has a retracting, self-centering anchor post, these plug cutters create clean wood plugs in no time. You can attach them to your drill with a hex bit or you can use them with your drill press instead.

Discover how quickly and accurately you can cut plugs — either in your workshop or on a job site. Choose this set from Garrett Wade today and enjoy more speed and convenience on any project.

Plug Cutter Set Details

These self-centering plug cutters come in three of the most common sizes, including 5/16”, ⅜”, and ½”. If you’re looking for a USA-made plug cutter that’s compatible with the Montana Brand Modular Drill and Driver Set, look no further than Garrett Wade.

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Individual Items

  • Self Centering Plug Cutter


    Self Centering Plug Cutter

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