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Set 3 Professional Scissors

The very best hair cutting scissors feel weightless, have beautiful action, and microteeth (0.3 mm in size) on one blade. Traditional methods of production ensure that blades are kept as a matched set throughout forging, grinding, sharpening and polishing. In this tradition, the 5" Cobalt Steel Scissors are as fine as any made - truly superior precision cutting tools from Italy.

The Standard Professional Scissors are 6" overall, as are the Sculpting Scissors (with 13 indents per inch) and the Thinning Scissors (with 9 indents per inch). All are professional tools made in France, and work beautifully. Buy all 3 French Pro Hair Cutting Scissors (Standard, Sculpting and Thinning) and Save $15.

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  • Set 3 Professional Scissors


    Set 3 Professional Scissors

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