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Set of 4 Micro Carving Chisels

Made in the USA

For precise, meticulous work, micro carving chisels are essential.  We’ve found a maker here in the USA who has been perfecting the tools for this craft for years, and are pleased to share them with you.  Made from lightly stained cherry wood handles ⅜” thick (the octagonal shape makes for better grip and prevents rolling), they have super sharp steel blades hardened to 59 Rockwell. They measure 5 ½” overall, with 4” handles and 1 ½” blades.  Included in this set are: a 5 mm U shape, great for figure carving, buttons, etc., a 2.4 mm dogleg (bench chisel), used for making inlays, with a subtle, beveled edge to ease beneath the surface of the wood; a 2 mm V tool that can make fine detail work for figures, lines, fish scales, or checkering for gun stocks, etc., and a 3 mm straight (paring blade) tool, ideal for texturing lines and cleaning cuts.

Overall Dimensions

Width  3/8"
Length  5 1/2"
Height  3/8"
Weight  .15 lbs

Individual Items

  • Set of 4 Micro Carving Chisels


    Set of 4 Micro Carving Chisels

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