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Set of Three Bonsai Tools


The Japanese art of Bonsai gardening dates back a thousand years and has an array of specialized tools. While this Set of Three Bonsai tools will serve that purpose admirably, it can pull double duty for the daily maintenance of all your indoor and patio plants, such as light weeding and herb harvesting. Use the small 9"" Rake for soil aeration and scrabbling of your smaller potted plants. The two super-sharp Shears are traditional Japanese design and feature hand-hammered steel rivets and washers. The fatter, 7¼" long tear-drop Shears is perfect for pruning leaves and puts the blade close to your hand, offering pinpoint control; while the 8"" long Shears can reach out of the way branches. Made in Japan.

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  • Set of Three Bonsai Tools

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    Set of Three Bonsai Tools

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