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Set of Two Vintage Bolster Paring Knives

Paring knives are one of the workhorse tools of the kitchen, used for a variety of slicing and peeling tasks. This set of two Vintage Steel-Bolster Paring Knives from France features a lovely flat steel bolster with a contrasting brass center pin. This unusual feature provides a stable surface for the thumb, so you enjoy more comfort and control while cutting. Add these knives to your kitchen arsenal and discover how easy it is to core strawberries for a fruit salad, slice celery for an afternoon snack, or peel apples for a sweet treat!

Paring Knives Specifications

These vintage paring knives were forged so well decades ago that they are still among the highest quality kitchen knives you can find. The stainless steel paring blades have a classic, straight profile and a 3” Rosewood handle. The blade measures 3 1/2” long for compact yet versatile slicing and peeling. We recommend that you hand-wash and dry these after every use. Please don’t put them in the dishwasher.

Quantities of these paring knives are limited, so order now from Garrett Wade!

Individual Items

  • Set of Two Vintage Bolster Paring Knives


    Set of Two Vintage Bolster Paring Knives

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