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Sewing Palm - Right Hand

A Sailmaker’s Sewing Palm is an old-school piece of gear that protects your hand from both ends of the needle. Please specify right-hand or left-hand palm. When working on repairs of any heavy textiles, slip it on your hand. To use, rest the back end of the needle in one of the dimples. The metal thrusting base makes it easy to push the needle through your heavy material without hurting yourself. Then wrap the thread around the thumb-shield as you pull it back through the canvas. This kit comes with five, heavy-duty sewing needles (packing, canvas and upholstery needles) and is perfect for repairs to upholstery, knapsacks, carpeting, and of course, actual sails. The Repair kit comes with a spool of all-purpose .035" tan thread (250 ft long) – waxed and ply twisted. Additional colors are available online.

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  • Sewing Palm - Right Hand


    Sewing Palm - Right Hand

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