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Solid Brass Rollerball Pen - Machined

A Writer’s Best Tool - Garrett Wade Exclusive

A pen can speak volumes about its owner. While a plastic ballpoint or gel roller has its place, that type of pen doesn’t make much of a statement — and nobody feels great about throwing one away every time it runs dry. The next time you need to endorse a check or jot down an important note, skip the disposable plastic and reach for something that feels like an extension of your own body — a precision engineered machined pen.

Machined Pen Details

This machined brass pen with an included German ink cartridge looks and feels equally at home in a dusty shop apron, a trendy messenger bag, or the glovebox of your work pickup. Stylish knurling at the end gives you the perfect grip, and the finely machined screw-top cap protects the writing tip from the elements and accidental drops.

The pen is bright and new on arrival, but develops a deep, rich patina with use, so no two pens will age exactly the same. It’s a one-of-a-kind writing instrument to define a writer by pen and penmanship. This pen accepts Schneider replacement cartridges to ensure a smooth, consistent flow every time.

At Garrett Wade, we have a unique selection of tools for the home and office that ensure you have everything you need to keep life smooth and simple. Shop vintage products, unique collectables, and so much more today!

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  • Garrett Wade Roller pen


    Solid Brass Rollerball Pen - Machined

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