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Solid Carbide Sharpener and Burnisher

Create A Edge, Fast - Made in France

Puts a quick edge on knives, scrapers, drawknives, and turning tools. Touches up chisels and plane blades. Even works superbly on gardening/agricultural tools and axes.

One side of the Sharpener is a 1-3/16" long carbide piece with an internal 75° "V". Simply stroke using modest pressure,and you'll feel it producing a sharp edge immediately. The other side is a round carbide piece, diamond-ground in a faceted helicoidal pattern. This pares off any tiny burr for a super-finished edge. The cast aluminum handle is a reference edge, and keeps your fingers safe.

Covering the complete range of burnishing work, the Burnisher has a round, specially polished smooth carbide on one side, and a round-radius triangular profile on the other, which will turn a cutting burr ultra-fast. Works on HSS turning tools. Comes in a genuine leather (colors may vary) case with complete instructions included for both. Made in France.

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