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Spade Hoe Made in Japan

An unusual garden hoe that we love.  This Spade Hoe serves the purpose of a hoe but has the functionality of a digging spade. Agressive and easy to manuever, it can cover a wide variety of jobs around the yard. It excels in raised beds.  Where a classic Warren hoe might be ideal for smaller, tighter spaces, the Spade Hoe ups the scale a bit and lets you clear large, wide rows with speed and power.  And if you’re growing potatoes at home, we’ve found that it’s ideal for dismantling potato mounds.  Made in Japan, it features a 43 ½” sturdy wood handle with a 9” x 7” stainless steel head.

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  • Spade Hoe Made in Japan


    Spade Hoe Made in Japan

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