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Speedy Stitcher Kit

An essential, bedrock tool in all aspects of leather crafts, the Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl also proves indispensable for repairing awnings, upholstery, sporting equipment, tarps, saddles, sails, convertible auto tops, heavy-duty handbags – even shoes. The hollow wooden handle of the Stitcher holds a 30 yd spool of durable thread. Looped around a tension post, the thread is kept kink-free and perfectly aligned with the groove and eye of the upholstery needle which is locked in the screw-down knurled chuck. Extra needles are stored in the handle under the chuck. It is an amazingly useful tool whether in the shop, in the field or on the water. Included with the Speedy Stitcher is 30 yds of coarse waxed polyester thread (pre-loaded on the spool), an extra 180 yds of coarse thread, plus 4 #8 upholstery needles (2 straight, 2 curved). Also available, extra 30 yd skeins of coarse and fine thread, plus a pack of 3 needles (a #8S, #8C and a special #4S needle which is needed when using the fine thread). Made in the USA. Highly recommended.

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  • Speedy Stitcher Kit


    Speedy Stitcher Kit

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