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Square Stackable Teapot

This stainless-steel square, wide, shallow tea kettle with a built-in tea strainer made us stop in our tracks. The unusual low-profile boils water much more quickly because of its greater heating surface. Because of its shape (and the handles, which can rotate to lie flat), these teapots are stackable. This means you can actually have more than one freshly brewed pot of tea at your table, or when cold stack them up in your fridge. It’s like a bento box for tea! It’s very unusual, and we absolutely love it. Like many Japanese tea kettles, it does not whistle but you’ll hear the boil. Holds 2.8 liters (just under 3 quarts). Just one of these unique items will serve you well, but getting 2 or 3 adds to the pleasure.


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  • Square Stackable Japanese Teapot

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    Square Stackable Teapot

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