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SS Spigot

This large capacity ceramic keg will look great on the kitchen counter, on the patio, or anyplace you want to have beverages handy for thirsty folks.  A traditionally designed farmhouse-style piece, it takes us back to hot days of summers past when an imposing stoneware vessel like this would be cooling on a stone wall in the shade of a leafy tree, full of ice tea or lemonade (or both!).  Unlike similar items, which usually have a plastic spout with limited durability, ours features a stainless steel spigot which will last far longer and can handle temperatures both hot and cold. Fully glazed both inside and out in attractive pale earth tones with blue designs, the beverage keg measures 12” H x 9” in diameter, and combines long-term practicality with classic rustic aesthetics, and will surely look beautiful in your home, whether in the country or an urban environment.  Made in the USA.

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    SS Spigot

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