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Stoneware Quart Pitcher - USA Made

Made in the USA

This was made in Ohio, USA, from local clay and glazed to perfection to make containers that are both gorgeous and utilitarian. This one-quart vintage stoneware pitcher is a simple and striking accessory to add to your breakfast table, and it can be used for milk, juice, lemonade, or iced tea. The two-quart mix-n-pour is also available and perfect for waffle and pancake batter mixes. Available in a creamy off-white glaze.


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At Garrett Wade, we are honored to be a leading tool company for outdoor do-it-yourself projects, workshop tasks, and home and gardening uses. All of our tools, including this stoneware pitcher, have unique stories and are handmade by some of the globe’s best craftsmen. We also offer product videos and extensive tool guides to help you master our tools quickly.

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  • Stoneware Quart Pitcher - USA Made


    Stoneware Quart Pitcher - USA Made

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