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Stormproof Fire Matches

If your luck breaks the wrong way, it’s possible that the ability to start a fire could be a matter of life and death.  (On the less dramatic side, sometimes it’s simply nice not to have to fight to get a good fire going.)  These wind- and wetness-proof firestarters light up quickly when struck against the included striking pad, and they burn hot for 15 minutes—plenty of time to get a blaze going even in less-than-ideal conditions.  Even better, these are made from bagasse, a fibrous sugarcane byproduct and a popular renewable biofuel, and are infused with natural vegetable wax.  Comes in a metal tin in three individually wrapped packs of three.  Each “match” measures 5 ¼” x ¾”. Don’t head out on an adventure without them.

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  • Stormproof Fire Matches


    Stormproof Fire Matches

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