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Straight Razor

Few things will ever equal the classic closeness of a Straight-Razor shave. Designed to fit perfectly in the hand, this Razor measures 6” closed and 8 3/4” open with a 1 3/4” wide replaceable blade. That’s right – replaceable! This feature serves a couple purposes. For professional barbers or people working with multiple clients, a clean, sharp blade ensures that everybody gets a clean personal shave in every sense. And if you aren’t a professional, chances are you may not be able to or want to hone a straight razor to the micron-level sharpness required for a truly smooth shave. The ability to swap in a new blade means it’s sharp every time. The blade-holding mechanism is secure and ingenious—a hinged “mouth” opens to accept the new blade, closes automatically as it slides into its carrier, and is double-secured with a tension knob. The premium Olivewood handle is tight-grained and durable—and gorgeous to look at. This equipment truly makes shaving a joy. The optional New York Shaving Cream was designed for all skin types, but especially for those with sensitive skin. Made in the US with a whipped texture, this cream lathers up beautifully and provides the closest shave imaginable while protecting skin from nicks, razor burn, and irritation. The Brooklyn scent is a perfect combination of fresh and clean with a hint of traditionally masculine elements. Using only the healthiest ingredients—no parabens or sulfates here— this 2.5 oz jar is hand-crafted in small batches at their facility in New Jersey.

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    Straight Razor

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