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Telescoping Freestanding A-Frame Ladder

We’ve had a great response to our Telescoping Extension Ladders, so we’re expanding our lineup with this wide-step, free-standing variation. This Telescoping Extendable Ladder features rugged aluminum construction, finger safety guards, and a compact form, but this style doesn’t require a surface to lean against – meaning you can use it as a stepladder or extension ladder if needed. Have a lighting fixture in the middle of the room that’s hard to reach?

The extra height provided here beats any stepladder. It’s so handy in so many situations, it could be the only ladder your household requires. The 7+5 rung ladder reaches just shy of 7 ft. fully extended and collapses down to an easy-to-store 27”. Extra-wide 26” supports provide additional stability. Weighs approximately 26 lbs.

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  • Telescoping Freestanding A-Frame Ladder


    Telescoping Freestanding A-Frame Ladder

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