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Toothed Straight Machete

With a Unique Serrated Blade

Made in France, this unusual straight machete looks like a bread knife for a giant. Employ this hefty tool for whatever you would use a machete for, especially chopping through stubborn brush and brambles. The scalloped serrations run the length of the blade, and make quick work of whacking overgrown weeds or ground-clearing a site for that future garden or storage shed. We highly recommend this tool for anyone building up their own bushcraft arsenal.

Straight Machete Details

The stainless steel blade of this machete measures a generous 19 ⅜” long with a 6 ½” Beechwood handle that has a hole for a lanyard. It also comes with a leather scabbard that is slightly oversized so that the blade doesn’t harm the leather during sheathing and unsheathing. The scabbard is easy to carry and store due to its brass rivets, belt loop, and snap closure. This is a medium sized machete and weighs about one pound.

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  • Toothed Straight Machete


    Toothed Straight Machete

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