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Jewelers Craft Kit -Tweezer, Leather Mallet & Sandbag

the right tools for those unplanned tasks

Be prepared for unusual tasks with these three tools that you probably never thought of, but will be glad you have when the need suddenly arises. The Leather Mallet is perfect when you need to tap a surface that you don't want to risk bruising. The Tweezer fitted to an elevating rack is indispensable when you need to hold a small object securely off the surface, while you work with other tools. And the 6" diameter, 16 oz. soft leather Sandbag is a gentle weight you can plop on anything, when needed, or you can use to hold an awkwardly shaped object in place.

We offer the Sandbag, Mallet and the special Tweezer in a fitted zippered fabric case as a kit of three unusual but highly useful "helpers." A huge value and a huge help.

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  • Jewelers Craft Kit -Tweezer, Leather Mallet & Sandbag


    Jewelers Craft Kit -Tweezer, Leather Mallet & Sandbag

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