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Two Fleece Plant Jackets

If you live in a growing zone that is vulnerable to temperature extremes, or sudden temperature swings one of the best things you can do for your plants--whether rose bushes or any other kind of sensitive growths--is to give them the appropriate covering during colder periods.  This lightweight & breathable fleece plant jacket is just the thing to winterize your bushes and trees and will provide a layer of warmth to guard against frost, pests, and other dangers.  Very roomy and easy to use, the fleece jacket slides down over the top of your plant, with plenty of room for branches, while the drawstring at the bottom keeps it secured around the base all winter long through snow, wind, and rain.  The light material also allows air and sunlight to penetrate, preserving all the positive elements your plant relies on to flourish.  Two covers are included in each package.  Dimensions: 47.2” W x 70.9” H

Overall Dimensions

 Width  70"
 Length  47"
 Weight  1.25 oz.


Individual Items

  • Two Fleece Plant Jackets


    Two Fleece Plant Jackets


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