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Two Piece 12” Precision Combination Square Set

The combination square is one of the truly indispensable shop tools, used not only for checking angles for accuracy, but also for marking, gauging, and transferring measurements. Our two-piece combination square set does all that and more, with great accuracy you can fully rely on for excellent results. The hardened steel blade is satin chrome finished so there is no glare. It is graduated in 8th, 16th, 32nd, and 64th inches, and has an easily adjustable locking mechanism. The 12” blade is removable and works great on its own as a highly accurate standalone rule. The cast iron square/miter head measures 45° and 90° angles and features a built-in bubble level in the handle and a hardened scribe tool. It comes with a convenient plastic case for storage and protection. Specifications: Blade straightness/parallelism: 0.0006”/12”; End squareness +/- 0.03°/90°; Square head squareness: 0.005”/12”; Miter 0.005”/12”.


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  • 12 inch combinations square


    Two Piece 12” Precision Combination Square Set

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