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Unique Adjustable & Extendable Iron Pry Bar (Triple Duty)

The versatility makes this new design a bargain. The 3" long ½" wide head can be pivoted to lock at any angle through a full 200˚. It is narrow enough to fit in almost any crevice and also has a deep slot that can be used to grip the heads of large nails. Not only is it a superb heavy-duty nail puller, it's a highly flexible crowbar. The handle length is adjustable from 12" long to 16½". So when you need more leverage, you have it at the ready. Because of its size and the adjustability of the head, it easily fits under heavy objects and makes quick work of lifting them off the floor. This new tool is a real gem. Given its versatility, we recommend every shop has one.

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  • Unique Adjustable & Extendable Iron Pry Bar (Triple Duty)


    Unique Adjustable & Extendable Iron Pry Bar (Triple Duty)

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