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14” Weeder & Rake

Made in the USA

This 14” Weed & Rake is the rare 2-in-1 tool that actually performs both of its tasks just as well as two separate, dedicated tools would.  The sturdy 6-tine rake is strong enough to handle tough weeds and soil, and it’s also handy for clearing out those final pesky fall leaves from the base of your shrubs and smaller plants.  Press the tines down into the handle, though, and you’ve got a tough-as-nails double-edged wiggle hoe for dirty work that requires a little less finesse and a little more power, as its signature edges excel at cutting and dislodging weeds in both directions.  Made from powder-coated tubular steel with a comfy latex grip, it’s a unique and versatile little garden helper that lets you knock down problem areas in a hurry.  The extended rake width is 5”, while the hoe attachment is 4” wide.  Handy and rugged.

Overall Dimensions

Width  5"
Length  18"
Weight  .90 lbs

Individual Items

  • 14” Weeder & Rake


    14” Weeder & Rake

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