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USA Made Workshop Bottle Rack for Liquids & Sprays

organize your workshop

Keep the mess of dripping sprays and bottles neatly contained with this specially-designed Workshop “Bottle Rack”. It’s a handy storage solution to get your bottles off the work bench or floor. We recommend placing this spray bottle rack at about shoulder height near your work station for easy access during work and simple cleanup once you’re done.

Spray Bottle Rack Specifications

The bottle rack is essentially a large bin that measures 30” long and 4 ½” deep. It comes with all the hardware and accessories you need to mount anywhere in the workshop or basement. Made of 18 and 20 gauge powder-coated steel, the rack is spot welded. One of its most unique features is how easy it is to clean thanks to the powder coating.

Our bottle rack is made in the USA. Buy it in crisp bright white and clean up your workshop with just one simple addition! Looking for other workshop tools to simplify your life? Shop the entire collection at Garrett Wade for durable products built to last decades!

Individual Items

  • USA Made Workshop Bottle Rack for Liquids & Sprays


    USA Made Workshop Bottle Rack for Liquids & Sprays

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