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Veneer Saw


Inlay, marquetry, and veneer work are among the most elevated, intricate, and elaborate aspects of woodworking, each involving the application of very thin layers of decorative wood to a base. It’s not somewhere you want to cut corners when it comes to clean cuts, and the Pax Veneer Saw, manufactured in Sheffield, England, by a company with nearly 250 years of experience in handsaw manufacturing, is a fine tool for doing fine work.

The elevated, offset rosewood handle is designed to give you just the right amount of clearance when working against a guide, and the slight bow of the 15tpi blade makes sure the exact right amount of metal comes into contact with your veneer for clean tare free cuts. For maximum versatility, one side of the blade is filed in a crosscut pattern and the other is filed for rip cuts, and the blade is a scant 0.022” thick. No other tool can do what it can. 

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  • Veneer Saw


    Veneer Saw

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