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Veritas Grinder Tool Rest

The Veritas Tool Rest provides a solid stable 4" wide surface for safe, accurate and repeatable grinding of edge tools with any 6" or 8" bench grinder as well as most belt sanders. Constructed of precision machined anodized aluminum, the Tool Rest is fully adjustable for height and angle, and is machined for use with both slotted and rotating jigs. Spring loaded locking handles provide rock solid positioning and rotate out of the way during grinding. Rest can be mounted directly to your bench while folding easily out of the way when not in use. Included Angle Setting Gauge for quick, convenient setting of the four most commonly used bevel angles.

The Universal Grinding Jig is made of hardened anodized aluminum with brass clamping screws and nylon washers. Brass alignment pins allow accurate 90° & 30° skew grinds. The clamping bar tilts to securely hold tapered chisels, while Mylar friction pads eliminate inadvertent misalignment. Precision machined to fit the Veritas Tool Rest shown here, our Grinding Jig will work with any power grinder that has a tool rest with one edge parallel to the wheel face to allow accurate, repeatable sharpening of plane blades and chisels.

Made in Canada.

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  • Veritas Grinder Tool Rest


    Veritas Grinder Tool Rest

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