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Vintage French Forged Barbecue Fork

Perfect for grilling at your next cookout

We source all kinds of high-quality knives from the Thiers region in France, but our last tool search turned up something just a little bit different – a Vintage French Barbecue Fork, perfect for grilling at your next cookout or flipping steaks at your indoor stovetop. The generous length of the metal body lets you easily wrangle thick cuts of meat without getting too close to your heat source, and the beechwood handle is nicely shaped and tapered. A handy hook allows you to hang it up for easy access where and when you need it. It’s a perfect blend of retro style and timeless quality, and will make a great addition to your kitchen tool set. As with most tools of this age and quality, we recommend washing by hand instead of using your dishwasher, in order to preserve it for the longest time possible. Dimensions: 19” long overall, with 4¾” tines.


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  • Vintage French Forged Barbecue Fork

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    Vintage French Forged Barbecue Fork

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