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Vintage Stanley Folding Rules

What a find! A “tool hunter” friend of ours recently uncovered a small cache of vintage 2-ft Stanley folding rules for us. These aren’t reproductions—they’re the real deal, made in New Britain, Connecticut, by Stanley when it was at its peak. For centuries, the two-foot folder was the go-to measuring device for cabinetmakers around the world—the size is just right for most small- to medium-scale projects, and its rigidity ensures greater accuracy than a tape measure. (You can also strike a cut line directly from a wooden ruler, which you’d surely never do with a tape!) There’s a reason old-timers trust these tools. Boxwood and brass hinge construction, marked to 32nds. These rulers are unique, and some details will vary from item to item. These will be of interest to woodworkers, hobbyists, and tool collectors alike, and our stock is extremely limited.

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  • Vintage Stanley Folding Rules


    Vintage Stanley Folding Rules

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