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Vintage Table Knife Set of 6

We’re very proud of the vintage knives we source from Thiers, France, known worldwide as a true center of global cutlery—and this set really is something special.  The unique profile and taper of these table/steak knives give them such an elegant appeal, and genuinely makes them a joy to hold and use.  The rosewood handle features a slight “belly” that feels great in the hand, and the stainless steel blade tapers and curves in just the right proportion.  The handles feature 3 brass rivets, and each knife measures 8 ½” total with a 4 ¾” blade. Ideal for special occasions or simply for everyday use.  Available only in sets of 6 in very limited quantities—these are actual vintage knives, so once we sell out, that’s it.  Don’t miss out!

Overall Dimensions

Width   1/2 "
Length   8 1/2"
Height   1/2 "
Weight  .6 lbs

Individual Items

  • Vintage Table Knife Set of 6


    Vintage Table Knife Set of 6

Subtotal: $96.00
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