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Set of 50 Waxed Beechwood “Storm Peg” Clothespins

We were a bit surprised to learn that this traditional one-piece clothespin traces its roots back to both the Shaker and Romani traditions (independent of each other), possibly as far back as the 17th century. These are the clothespins your grandmother probably used in the backyard, and as usual, grandma knew best. While these fell out of fashion with the invention of the metal-hinged clothespin, if you use them properly, these are much gentler on your clothes and will leave fewer marks. And of course, they’ll never rust or pop a hinge either. If you have kids or grandkids, keep a basket of them handy for making clothespin dolls—a perfect rainy-day activity with the kiddos. Made in Poland from waxed beechwood, each pin is 4 ¼” long. This bunch of 50 comes in a nice muslin bag.


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  • Waxed Beechwood “Storm Peg” Clothespins


    Set of 50 Waxed Beechwood “Storm Peg” Clothespins

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