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Grafting Dressing Kit

Grafting Paraffin Tape and Wax to bind, seal, and protect newly grafted plants

When grafting plants, the final step of the process is binding the scion to the rootstock with paraffin tape for stability, and then sealing it all together with grafting wax to keep out the elements and prevent infection. A companion set to our professional and starter grafting kits, this ¾” paraffin tape will firmly hold the sections in place, while the wax, made by one of the oldest and most respected purveyors of this product, creates an impermeable protective barrier.

Whether you are a novice or experienced in the grafting technique, you will from time to time need to replace your grafting tape and wax. We recommend keeping at least one extra set of these on hand to avoid being caught unprepared when binding up your plants.

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  • Grafting Dressing Kit


    Grafting Dressing Kit

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