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Laminated Blade 7-Piece Wood Carving Set

As you progress in your wood carving skills, you find yourself wanting tools that match your increasing skill level, and that’s where this set comes in. These tools are so well-made they have inspired us to do better. They are beautiful hardworking tools. The curved shapes of the handles fit the hand in a natural position resulting in a very relaxed, grip, allowing for more delicate and precise handling as you carve. The blades incorporate a dual layer of iron and steel for a long-lasting, incredibly sharp edge. Included in the set are a round 3 mm and 6 mm, a Kiwa 7.5 mm, a flat 7.5 mm, a triangle 4.5 mm, a shallow 9mm, and a Kamakura 9mm. Made in Japan.


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  • Laminated Blade 7 Piece Wood Carving Set


    Laminated Blade 7-Piece Wood Carving Set

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