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Three English-Made Traditional Cabinet Scrapers

Experienced woodworkers know that there’s often another step after sanding for a truly polished finish. These thin, flexible metal cabinet scrapers can be either pushed or pulled along the grain to remove very small amounts of wood. They leave a beautiful mirror finish prior to staining and sealing. They can also be used to remove paint, stain, or other materials from the surface of the wood. Our cabinet scraper set, made in Sheffield, England by a storied toolmaker, includes 3 scrapers: rectangular, gooseneck, and concave/convex curved. Made of .036” hardened and tempered high carbon steel, they measure 2 ½” x 5”. A must-have in your shop as you start to get serious about your craft. Note: The combination of friction and the thinness of the metal can create heat after extended use.


Individual Items

  • set of three English Made Woodworking Scrapers


    Three English-Made Traditional Cabinet Scrapers

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