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Italian Industrial Bypass Lopper

Perhaps the very best industrial Grade Loppers available & Exceptionally Sharp

We are Lopper fans. So are our customers. What we like best is excellent value in a first class tool. Although these are certainly not inexpensive, the value is there for the active user. These Bypass loppers have an absolutely unique head geometry  - providing powerful and rapid cutting (without the need to ratchet) function for less effort. The rigid aluminum handles are 28" long. The cutting capacity is 50mm (just shy of 2").

You won't be disapointed in these loppers they are "a cut above". For a perfect pair, consider adding an Italian-Made Anvil Lopper to your shed.

We debated long and hard about whether our customers would value these the way we do and finally decided that we had to make the offer. We hope you agree.

See below for an Image Gallery of the Premium Italian Professional Loppers.

Individual Items

  • Industrial Strength Bypass Lopper- Made in Italy


    Italian Industrial Bypass Lopper

We are sorry - this product is currently unavailable.

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