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Wood Carving Tools

Wood Carving Tools

The Best Wood Carving Tools

Whether you’re starting out with wood carving or you’re far along on your wood carving journey, we’ve got your future projects covered at Garrett Wade with our top-quality wood carving supplies. Ranging from our multi-blade pocket knives to our gouges, our tools are great at quickly removing wood to create rough shapes while offering excellent control and comfort. Explore our wide selection of wood carving instruments, and order your favorites!

Fine Wood Crafting Tools

Carving and Whittling: We carry a curated selection of wood carving sets (including a spoon carving set, whittlers pen knives, and micro-carving tools).

Sharpening and Safety Equipment: Our monocrystalline steel-backed diamond sharpeners are designed to keep all odd-shaped blades, knives, or wood carving tools sharp and ready to use. Keep your fingers safe with our leather finger guards, offered in a variety of sizes.

Versatile Tools That Last

We at Garrett Wade have designed and made professional carpenters and DIY tools since 1975. We specialize in unique, hard-to-find, top-quality tools you won't find elsewhere. We manufacture our tools to the highest standards of craftsmanship. You can buy with confidence knowing our wood carving supplies are built to last. You'll be able to pass down your fine detailed carving work and tools. Sign up for emails from us today, and discover new Garrett Wade tools, web exclusives, and more.


What makes Japanese woodworker’s knives so unique?

These craft knives are specifically designed to provide the user with full control when carving wood. These wood carving tools allow you to easily get close to your project thanks to their relatively short blades and long handles. The handles also stand out for their ergonomic woven-cord wrapping.

For what projects can Garrett Wade’s rotary engraver featuring 12 pieces be used?

You can use this handy engraver for countless crafts, hobbies, and even home repairs. Feel free to pull out this tool for tackling materials ranging from wood to plastic, plaster, glass, stone, metal, ceramic, and even steel.

What is the easiest way to determine how thick a piece of wood is during a woodworking project?

Try our spring-loaded wood thickness gauge at Garrett Wade. This gauge comes with a convenient digital readout, so you can instantly get readings on minor thickness variations found in various places - a must have among your wood carving tools.

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