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Solid Brass Carving Multi-Mallet

Woodworker’s Mallet

Wood carvers know that there’s a fine line between striking power and precision: too much muscle, and you risk cutting too deeply or knocking your carving tool awry. Our Brass Carving Mallet’s rounded head is perfectly weighted and balanced to transfer more power to your with each strike, without sacrificing your control of detail. The head of the Brass Multi-Mallet is a full 15 oz. of machined Brass affixed to a comfortable Ash handle. You can strike a carving tool with the rounded side or use the flat face to assemble wooden joints. Stores easily either on a wall bracket or on a shelf, and always looks good wherever it is. This is one of those unsung heroes of both wood carving and joint assembly that should absolutely have a place in your woodshop. Measures 6¾” overall, with a 1⅝” Diameter head. 


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  • Solid Brass Carving Multi-Mallet


    Solid Brass Carving Multi-Mallet

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