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Gifts for our Fathers

Gifts for our Fathers

Tool Gifts for Dad

The dad in your life works hard to keep meals cooked or your yard looking pristine all year long. Fortunately, you can make his jobs around the house more enjoyable than ever with our top-tier tools for Father’s Day. These tools, ranging from our rapid-cutting tools to our timeless watering cans and kitchen brushes, are uniquely bold yet beautiful. They’re also designed to make every task easier so that dad can work smarter, not harder in the years ahead. Surprise Dad with tools he never knew he needed by ordering today!

Tool Gifts That Dad Will Surely Love

Outdoor Gifts: At Garrett Wade, we offer an unbeatable collection of tool gifts for dad that are perfect for any yard or gardening project. Try out our shears for trimming grass, our robust bypass loppers, or even our matchless pruning saw.

Indoor Gifts: Does the man of the house enjoy having a green thumb? Wash off the fruit of his labor with our galvanized baskets. Don’t forget to add our stainless household sheers to his kitchen arsenal as well!

Why Choose Garrett Wade?

At Garrett Wade, we pride ourselves on being the leading source of quality tools and gifts for dad and everyone else since 1975. Our quality-construction tools range from gardening and home tools to woodworking and workshop supplies that are designed to hold up in all project situations. We’re honored to offer you time-tested tools that have performed reliably for decades now. That means you can confidently pass on these handy gems for generations. Contact us to find out more about our tools, and order today!


Why are your kitchen brushes the perfect tools for Father’s Day?

For the chef or barbecuer in your life, these brushes work wonders on pots and pans featuring the crustiest and gnarliest leftover food. These tool gifts for dad are great at dislodging old food particles, and they’re made to last.

Are arm protectors truly necessary for doing gardening work? Why not simply wear long-sleeved shirts?

When dad wears our canvas protectors for the arms, he’ll never want to go back to long-sleeved shirts again. These products will effortlessly protect his arms against abrasive elements that can cut and scratch him while he’s collecting produce or pruning.

Why wear goggles from Germany in a woodworking shop?

German-made goggles are built with your safety and efficiency in mind. They feature shatterproof glass as well as comfortable aluminum frames. Compared with other goggles on the market, the quality of these goggles is unmatched.

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