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Hardware & Racks

Hardware & Racks

High-Quality Forged Hardware

Our handmade hardware at Garrett Wade delivers a look and feel that will instantly bring you back to simpler times. These were times when village smiths used forges to create the essentials in their small shops. All it took was a fire, a hammer, and an anvil to create masterful hardware back then. And fortunately, their tried-and-true processes are still being used today to create the high-quality hardware available in our online shop.

Forged Hardware That Lasts Forever

Hooks and Hangers: Our rustic wall hooks have been hammered in forges by talented blacksmiths, with each possessing its own character and detail. To add an even more retro touch to your foyer, choose our black nail hangers, which look great even when they’re empty.

Fencing: Create the perfect border fencing for your garden with forged edging. Expect nothing less than a great-looking, solid section of fencing.

Odds and Ends: Our hand-forged holder for your twine will take you back to Colonial America. A touch of nostalgia can also be found in our beautiful forged prairie dinner bell: “Come and get it.”

Beauty and Quality: That’s Garrett Wade

At Garrett Wade, we are a leading provider of heirloom-quality tools. Made by some of the best craftsmen in the world, our tools feature unique looks and beautiful textures, and they are durable enough to last for decades. This means that the tools you buy today can be owned and used for generations.

Take advantage of our comprehensive tool guides to learn more about our various products and how they can add value to your projects. Feel free to contact us at 800-221-2942 with any questions you have.

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Take advantage of our iron rack featuring five S-hooks. This hand-forged hardware is ideal for keeping your frequently used pots and pans within reach. The hooks will slip into place tightly on the iron rack, so no need to worry about them sliding out of their positions.

This forged hardware is recommended for a number of places, including Dutch doors, gates, and fences. Feel free to use wrought iron bolts anywhere around your house as well. These bolts are designed to attach to the intended surface securely and operate smoothly.

Your fireplace set should include at least three essential pieces: a shovel, tongs, and a poker. The poker is used for adjusting a fire, the tongs are used for safely moving logs, and the shovel is necessary for clearing out any leftover wood and ash.

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