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Pliers + Wrenches

Pliers + Wrenches

Unique Plier Tools

Pliers: Tools like the essential plier set help you apply force to grab, turn, or both. Not all pliers are right for every job, however, so we offer designs that help you get a handle on out-of-the-ordinary tasks.

Cutters: Closely related in design to pliers, cutters like the offset wire cutters are designed to ship rather than grip.

Wrenches: A good hand wrench is just what’s called for in tight places or when you need a tool that doesn’t rely on your gripping power.

Hand Tool Accessories: Dull or burred tools can mark up your surfaces or slip. We carry the right gear to keep your pliers and wrenches in tip-top shape.

Reliable Tools

We offer specialty plier tools that help you get your work done more efficiently. We also carry the maintenance equipment to make sure every hand wrench and plier set in your toolbox is ready for action.

Sometimes you need more than just your trusty slip-joints to get the job done. We carry a range of plier tools that are designed for those difficult-to-grip times when you need something a little different.

Many of our tools share their designs with the tried and true tools from the past, because why mess with success? Be sure to check out our tool guides for full details and how to get the most from your equipment. Order your plier tools from Garrett Wade today.

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