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Gifts for the Woodworker

Gifts for the Woodworker

Gifts for Woodworkers of Any Level

A skilled woodworker can create just about anything with a carefully chosen board and a few sharp tools. Our job is getting the best possible tools into their hands. Whether you’re shopping for an accomplished cabinetmaker, and aspiring spoon carver, or anything in between, our we make and source a versatile array of tools that any woodworker would love as a gift. With our tools you can break down rough stock, measure and mark your cuts, and shape your boards into anything you can imagine. It only takes a few tools to get started, and the rewards are endless.

Our Top Gifts for DIYers

You don’t need to be a professional to use top-quality tools, and with the right gift from Garrett Wade, your favorite handyman will get the job done that much more quickly. We think every home would benefit from our renowned Yankee Push Drill & Screwdriver set, and we’re also big fans of dressing for success in the workshop. (And let’s not forget storage options!) With our expertly made and carefully curated selection, we know you’ll find just the right gift for the handyman in your life.

About Garrett Wade

Garrett Wade has been making, sourcing, and selling top-quality tools and more since 1975. Our customers are passionate about woodworking, gardening, cooking and baking, home improvement, and the DIY ethos of making and fixing—and so are we. With a dedication to small, family-run businesses and an eye for craftsmanship and quality, we take tremendous pride in connecting makers with the best possible tools for the job at hand. We stand by everything we sell, and everything we carry is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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