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Garden Hose Accessories

Our lawn watering accessories make watering a breeze. From our best-selling quick connectors to our lifetime garden hose racks, our products will help you achieve the best results time and time again. Take a look at our many garden watering tools and add your favorites to your lawn and garden care arsenal today!

Lawn and Garden Watering Made Easy

Nozzles: We carry several different nozzles, wands, timers, and other garden hose accessories to make your faucet and hose handier. You’ll save time and energy, and you’ll save on your water bill, too.

Sprinklers: No need to hand-water the lawn when you have one of our portable sprinklers. Our sprinklers will keep your lawn and garden watered without the need to invest in an irrigation system.

Watering Cans: Our beautiful watering cans are the perfect option for watering indoor as well as outdoor plants. We pride ourselves on carrying an assortment of products that are beautiful as well as functional in their design.

Quality Products, Rooted in Tradition

Watering your lawn and garden doesn’t have to be a chore, especially when you use fine garden hose accessories from Garrett Wade.

Since 1975, our approach to selling tools has been simple: we offer only equipment that uses time-honored designs that will last for years to come.

When you buy garden watering tools from us, you’re getting reliable equipment that you can be confident in, season after season.

With our watering tools and accessories at work in your garden, your lawn will look better than ever. Don’t forget that all of our tools, hoses, and nozzles carry a 100% money-back guarantee.

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A circular sprinkler is an excellent option for three key reasons. First, the sprinkler can easily rotate 360º to provide your yard with the coverage you need. Second, you can choose from multiple spray patterns (e.g., single stream or wide spray). And third, you can aim your spray pattern low, high, or in the middle depending on your terrain.

Try our terracotta hydrators at Garrett Wade. When you use these irrigation containers in dry soil, the dirt surrounding the containers will absorb more of the water that they are holding. In wet soil, the water will remain in the containers. This feature makes the terracotta hydrator ideal for an area that varies between insufficient rainfall and excess rainfall.

Brass garden hose accessories, including hose washers, are the best option, as they are less susceptible to leaking. They can also withstand higher temperatures, and they won’t become brittle or weather like plastic does.

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