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Workshop Tools

Your workshop is your personal haven where you do what you do best, so investing in quality workshop accessories and tools just makes sense. After all, your tools are the backbone of your craft! We invite you to explore our vast selection of the world’s finest tools, including many unique, imported, and vintage items. 70-85% of our inventory is exclusive to Garrett Wade and can’t be found at other U.S. sellers. Made by highly skilled craftsmen from around the world, these are tools you’ll be thrilled to use for many years to come.

Complete Your Tool Collection

Your workshop needs to be a space that provides all the workshop tools you need within easy reach. From classic tools of the trade and everyday essentials to organization equipment and storage chests, we have the tools you need to perfect your collection.

Plumbing and Electrical: We carry a variety of tools in both specialties. Whether you need borescopes or multimeters, you can find what you need here.

Safety Equipment: Keeping yourself and your team safe is one of the most important parts of any project. Find safety equipment for your home or workshop and protect yourself and others from injury.

Model-Making: Not every workshop job is about being a pro. Indulge your hobbies with our model-making workshop tools and equipment, crafted to perform delicate, detailed work with strength and durability.

Craft Tools: Are you working with leather? Fabric? Need a jeweler’s loupe or other types of magnification? Whatever the task, our tools do the job.

Lighting & Magnifiers: You need to see what you’re doing for precision work. Find shop lights and lamps that will illuminate your next project.

Explore Our Inventory

At Garrett Wade, our unique tools are made to the specifications you need. These are high-quality products sourced from international brands that you won’t find at your local hardware or hobby stores.

Each one of our workshop tools is finely crafted and built to last. These timeless designs use manufacturing techniques and materials that ensure they'll last for decades. Pass down your favorite workshop accessories and tools for generations when you shop at Garrett Wade!

If you have questions about any of these products, we have many resources to help you find the right tool for your task. We also have tons of tutorial videos that accompany many of our products to help you learn how to use and maintain each item. Watch our videos, browse our collection, and read informative DIY articles on our blog for inspiration.

Ready to shop for all the workshop tools and equipment you might need? Start with the selection at Garrett Wade to discover a massive selection, heirloom-quality products, and an amazing customer service experience.


What is the most important tool in a woodshop?
That depends largely on your approach to the craft, but a quality table is certainly a solid starting point! Check out our beginner’s guide to woodworking tools for some ideas as you build up your tool collection.

How do you maintain tools in the workshop?
Before returning your tools to storage after using them, be sure to give them a quick cleaning to remove any leftover debris, grease, dust, and other remnants. Check your workshop tools regularly for wear and tear, sharpen them properly (if necessary), and store them properly during winter. These basic habits will go a long way in extending the lifespan and performance of your equipment.

What tools do I need for a basic workshop?
This question is difficult to answer without knowing your specific plans. We recommend exploring our tool guide so you can find workshop accessories and tools that align with your goals. You can also call our support line at 800-221-2942 for expert advice on selecting the right workshop tools for your space.

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