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Our Quality Workshop Tools and Equipment

Plumbing and Electrical: We carry a variety of tools in both specialties. From borescopes to multimeters, find what you need here.

Safety Equipment: Find safety equipment for your home or workshop and protect yourself and others from injury.

Model-Making: Our model-making tools are crafted to perform delicate, detailed work with strength and durability.

Craft Tools: Are you working with leather? Fabric? Need a jeweler’s loupe or other type of magnification? Whatever the task, our workshop hand tools do the job.

Lighting: Find shop lights and lamps that will illuminate your next project.

Helpful Tool Guides and Videos

Our unique workshop tools are made to our exacting specifications. These are high-quality tools you won’t find at your local hardware or hobby stores.

Each hand tool is finely crafted and built to last. These timeless designs use manufacturing techniques that ensures they'll perform well and last for decades.

If you have questions about any of these workshop tools and equipment, we have many resources to help you find the right tool for your task.

Watch the tutorial videos that accompany many of our products to learn how to use and maintain them. You can also read informative DIY articles on our blog for inspiration.

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