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A Beginners Guide to Woodworking Tools

A Beginners Guide to Woodworking Tools

A Beginners Guide to Woodworking Tools

"Green" woodworking is an ideal way for beginners to get into woodworking. With these basic tools and a few basic techniques, almost anyone can pickup a fallen tree branch and carve their own spoon - and dozens (if not hundreds) more.

Hand-tool woodworking relies on chisels for a tremendous amount of tasks, from chopping mortises to delicately pairing dovetail joints. This set of 6 comes razor sharp and includes every size you're likely to need for years.


Woodworkers around the world have fallen for Japanese-style saws—which cut on the pull stroke—for their accuracy and ease of use. This trio of ryoba, dozuki, and flush-cut saw will take your projects from rough dimensioning to finishing touches.

A smoother, a block plane, a spokeshave: three indispensable tools for any workshop, beautifully designed and built by Garrett Wade. Tame rough surfaces, create perfect contours, and make every joint smooth and natural.

Caliper Set


From a simple footstool to the most ornately embellished cabinetry, your project will only be as good as your layout. This compass and caliper set will ensure accurate measurements and precise markup. (Bonus good news for beginners: wood is relatively forgiving!)

Written by Garrett Wade

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