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Axes and Clearing Tools

Our Diverse Selection of Axes and Brush Clearing Tools

Axes: Our axes are made by one of our most trusted forges in Germany. They are designed for supreme handling and functionality. Enjoy even the smallest details: from the balance and weight of the ax to the signature red handle.

Hatchets: Choose from axes like the Mini Camp Hatchet and our most powerful Scandinavian Style Hatchet. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship in pieces like our Yankee Hatchet that’s made in a fourth-generation German forge. Small in stature but big on design, it’s perfect for chopping small logs or kindling for your next fire.

Machetes: For clearing tools, our machetes are second-to-none, each detail having been perfected over years of experience to deliver superior balance and power.

Quality You Can Trust

Durably crafted tools are more than just something to get the job done. They’re artisan-quality pieces of equipment that can be passed from one generation to the next with the proper maintenance.

Moreover, we stand behind the quality of our clearing tools with one of the most generous return policies in the industry. They’ve worked well for us, and we know they’ll work for you and your family.

Discover the quality for yourself and sign up today to receive a copy of our free catalog mailed to your home.

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