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Mini Camping Hatchet with USA-Made Sheath

This tidy 12" Mini Camp Hatchet is light enough to pack in on a hike, or to wear on your belt once you make camp. You can use it to split kindling and smaller rounds, or to clear branches. It has a flat poll to drive in tent stakes or to complete numerous other outdoor tasks.  The robust hickory handle remains sturdy in the face of the elements. The grip-end of the handle is painted red and easy to spot on the forest floor. A ring-wedge system will keep the handle firmly affixed. A rounded flair on the blade makes for 3¼" of cutting surface. Leather sheath has brass rivets and a single snap, and can be worn on your belt. Made in Germany by one of our most-trusted forges, this small axe is an indispensable tool for the campsite or yard work.

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  • Mini Camping Hatchet with USA-Made Sheath


    Mini Camping Hatchet with USA-Made Sheath

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