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Toys + Games

Unique Toys and Games

Wind-Up Toys: These spring-wound toys are from a simpler time, no batteries required. Just use the key or handle to wind them up, then watch them go.

Musical Toys: Kids love to make noise, and that can be a fun activity for young minds and hands. Our “noise toys” are an excellent addition to their games and playtime.

Model Sets: Keep their imaginations busy with sets that let them create their own adventures. From the farm to the moon, they’ll have hours of fun.

Old Fashioned Toys

Get your youngsters unplugged with fun and unique toys. We carry old fashioned toys that will bring back the past with plenty of fun even for today’s modern kids.

You know they don’t usually make them like this anymore, but we’ve worked to find the artisans who still put in the effort to offer durable, fun toys with the attention to quality and detail you love. Like our popular tools, each one comes with our 90-day guarantee with free returns. Get your vintage, unique toys and games online from Garrett Wade.

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