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Sliding Song Whistle

Made in the USA

Though you might consider it a child's toy, or associate its bright glissando with the sound tracks of animated cartoons and game shows, the traditional slide whistle is a genuine musical instrument, with origins in the Renaissance, and can produce melodies as well as sound effects to great effect. The slide whistle has figured in the work of Maurice Ravel and Louis Armstrong among many other greats.

And it's as easy to play as whistling or humming a tune (much like the trombone, pitch is controlled by a sliding piston, or slide). All it takes is about 5 minutes of practice - no kidding! Simply pick it up, blow in the mouthpiece and begin to move the slide back and forth. Anyone will get the idea quickly, but as the saying goes, "Takes minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master." Made in the USA by a premier American instrument maker, our nickel plated brass Song Whistle is great fun for everyone in the family, and another stand against keypads and flat screen TVs.


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  • Sliding Song Whistle


    Sliding Song Whistle


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