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Hand Planes

Vintage Woodworking Planes

Block Planes: These all-purpose tools are used for general planing tasks. Keep your blade sharp and properly adjusted, and you’ll have a nice, smooth wood surface in no time.

Trim Planes: Designed for smaller work, trim planes are perfect for smaller spaces. These planes help get your trim boards ready to go.

Razor Scrapers: Fast and efficient, razor scrapers offer an easily replaceable, super-sharp blade for fine scraping and shaving work.

Useful Quality Tools

A woodworking plane can create a precisely smooth area for your woodworking crafts without leaving machine marks to mar the surface. We carry a range of traditional hand planes for sale to suit all your woodworking projects.

Planes help you smooth out areas of wood, and once you’ve gotten the hang of it, planing can give you better, faster results than rough sanding in some instances.

Traditional Tools

We’ve been offering quality hand tools like these for decades, some from the same supplier that entire time. If you have any questions about our products, check out our tool guides or take a look at one of our free catalogs. Get your timeless woodworking planes online from Garrett Wade today.

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